Our Pledge to Our Patients

At Natural Solutions for Digestive Health we realize that a relationship with your doctor built on a solid foundation of trust and respect is essential to your healing journey. That's why we promise to uphold the following commitments to you, our valued patients:

Pledge #1

We promise to be open and transparent with you.

Let's be honest- you are coming to see us because you are not feeling well and the last things you need from us right now are slick marketing and sales gimmicks. That's why you will never see us offering ultra-low "introductory" rates or making false promises about what natural medicine can do for your health. What we will promise is a compassionate and reasonable conversation about your health concerns and how natural medicine can help you to get back on the right track. We also promise to give you a clear explanation of your condition and our recommendations, including any potential side-effects, in plain English terms that you can understand. Finally, we promise to always make ourselves available by phone or email to address any questions or concerns that may come up between office visits.

Pledge #2

We promise to respect your time.

Whether making an appointment for your Initial Consultation or a follow-up visit, we promise to get you scheduled within a reasonable time frame. We never overbook our schedule for the day and keep our patient load to a level that we can comfortably manage while ensuring that you get the attention you deserve. We also offer convenient evening office hours so that you don't always have to take the day off of work, and we promise never to keep you in our waiting room overly long once you arrive at our office. If on the rare occassion you do have to wait, you can rest assured that it is because we are taking extra time with another patient to make sure that all their questions are answered, and that we will never make you feel rushed during your consultation with the doctor.

Pledge #3

We promise to keep lab testing to a minimum.

Lab testing is an invaluable component of responsible medicine, and is sometimes necessary. But all too often we hear about doctors -in particular alternative or functional medicine doctors- ordering a whole battery of expensive tests that offer little in the way of useful information. We promise never to recommend lab testing that we don't think you need. If we do recommend a test, we will be sure to explain to you the reason why we feel it's important and what we hope to learn from it. We also promise to let you know as soon as your test results come in and to explain them thoroughly to you at your next visit.

Pledge #4

We promise to respect your spiritual beliefs.

We believe that honoring a person's spirituality is an important component of holistic wellness. For many people, faith and prayer are often key factors in the restoration of health. That's why you will find that Dr. Matt has taken great care to familiarize himself with a wide array of spiritual and religious belief systems, and is willing to consult with you in the context of those beliefs, should you choose to share them. If you don't have any beliefs in spirituality, that is also fine with us. We will never seek to change your spiritual belief system, one way or another.

Pledge #5

We promise to make science-based assessments and recommendations

While we have an appreciation for the nonphysical, our naturopathic medicine practice is firmly rooted in scientific understanding and medical research. We don't use muscle testing, "quantum" machines, or other "energy-based" assessment methods that are not backed by any kind of science. While we do believe that there is much in the world that science cannot adequately explain, we feel it is our professional responsibility to make recommendations based on the best available scientific research within the context of natural medicine. This also means we do not recommend health fads, endless "detoxes" and "cleanses," or unreasonably restrictive diets that can never be followed in real life. Finally- we promise to let you know if we feel your condition is beyond the scope of natural medicine to handle or if it would be better for your overall care to be co-managed with a more conventional doctor. We are always happy to coordinate our recommendations with your other health care practitioners.

We know it can take some time to build a truly trusting relationship, but we hope that these pledges will help us to get started on the right foot. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns.