Are you tired of doctors not listening to you?

Do you have no clear explanation for your condition?

Have you taken tons of supplements with little results?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions,
you have come to the right place!

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Serving Metro Detroit,
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Your Initial Consultation

We reserve a two-hour time block for your initial consultation. We begin by discussing your current concern(s) and reviewing any recent lab work and/or imaging you may have already had completed with your regular physician. Next we will review your personal health history as well as your family health history. This is followed by a thorough review of your nutrition and exercise practices.

We will close with the presentation of possible courses of action, including nutrition and exercise programs, dietary supplements. Although we do not prescribe pharmaceutical drugs in our office, we are trained in pharmacy and will refer you back to your primary care physician or specialist for a prescription when appropriate.

Initial Consultation Preparation

1. Please review the information found on this website regarding Naturopathic Medicine and Dietary Supplements

2. Download, print and fill out our New Client Intake Form

2. Download, print, and sign, our Disclosures and Informed Consent Form.

3. Download, print, and sign, our Email Policies and Consent Form.

4. Make a list of all current diagnoses and prescriptions, along with the name of the physician who assigned them to you. Be as detailed as possible.

5. Make a list of all dietary supplements you take on a regular basis. Be sure to include the brand name, along with the name of the formula.

6. Collect all recent and/or relevant results from bloodwork, other lab tests, or imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.) You do not need an actual copy of the images. A report generated by a physician will suffice.

7. Bring a copy of all this information with you to our initial consultation. Alternatively, you may fax a copy to our office at 248.928.0772, or email a scanned copy to Angela -

8. Follow these links for a map and detailed directions to our office.