Frequently Asked Questions

What type of client does the doctor work with?
The doctor works with clients of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

What kinds of conditions does the doctor work with?
The doctor works with a full array of chronic conditions, however the majority of our clients are experiencing some sort of digestive disturbance or hormone imbalance. We also work with people seeking to manage high cholesterol or blood pressure without medications.

Does the doctor practice homeopathic medicine (homeopathy)?
No. While trained in homeopathic medicine (homeopathy) the doctor does not incorporate this into his practice.

Does the doctor practice Ayurvedic medicine?
No. The doctor has no formal training in Ayurvedic medicine.

Does the doctor practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or acupuncture?
The doctor has formal training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is licensed to perform acupuncture, and will utilize these methods when advisable.

What kinds of interventions does the doctor recommend?
Typically, the doctor will recommend an individualized nutrition and exercise program, along with dietary supplements, and in some cases acupuncture. The doctor may also advise specialized lab testing to investigate your condition(s) in further detail.

Is lab testing included in the consultation fee?
Any lab fees for testing you may incur are paid directly to the lab. We do not collect these monies, nor do we receive a commission of monies paid for these tests.

What sort of lab tests are available?
The doctor is trained in the full scope of biological testing, including blood, saliva, urine, hair, and tissue samples. We do not collect any of these samples in our office. If you choose to conduct a test requiring a sample of urine, saliva, or hair, you will be provided with a collecting kit to take home with you. There is no charge for the kit, and they include a billable stamp, which means there will be no additional charge to you for sending it to the lab.

If you require blood testing, you will be referred back to your primary care doctor (MD or DO) to get an order. Alternatively, blood testing can be ordered through an online retailer such as DirectLabs, AnyLabTestNow, or HealthCheckUSA.

Do you offer muscle testing, electrodiagnosis, or "quantum" diagnosis?
Certain alternative medicine practitioners offer "in-office testing" using various electrodiagnostic devices and "quantum" machines. These devices are marketed under many different names, but all feature some sort of noninvasive way of reading the body's "vibration" or "electrical signature" in order to determine information about the body. Some practitioners also engage in elaborate rituals of muscle testing, or kinesiology, to determine which dietary supplements to take.

While we have an appreciation for intuitive and nonrational modes of inquiry, we have not found any such practices to be necessary, or advisable. We believe these practices to be questionable at best, and in some cases outright fraudulent.

In regard to electrodiagnosis and quantum machines- while it is theoretically possible to glean information about the body through the reading of electromagnetic, and other vibrations, the immediately available technology is not nearly sophisticated enough to claim diagnostic ability, and we have no formal body of knowledge available upon which to formulate a theory of interpretation.

Modern medicine makes use of electromagnetic and other vibrations every day with technologies like xray, CT, MRI and fMRI, ultrasound, PET scans, and thermography. While medicine will undoubtedly one day incorporate subtle fields and quantum mechanics into diagnostic technology, these types of technologies are not currently available to the public, or to practitioners.

You will find that in our practice, we value things like gut instinct, intuition, and synchronicity, but we do not use them to the exclusion of science, rationality, and analysis.

What sort of things are outside the scope of the doctor's practice?
The doctor does not prescribe pharmaceuticals, including hormone replacement therapy. We also do not run blood tests out of our office, however we can provide you with a means to have blood testing done if you are unwilling or unable to see your primary care physician.

How far in advance do I need to schedule an initial consultation?
We recommend that you allow at least two to three weeks lead time for your initial consultation.

What if I need to get in right away?
We may be able to make special arrangements to see you sooner if necessary. However, please keep in mind that we typically deal with chronic conditions that do not require immediate attention. If you are experiencing symptoms which do require immediate attention we recommend that you contact your primary care physician or nearest urgent care center.

Do you bill health insurance?
We do not bill health insurance for consultation services, and most insurance companies in Michigan do not cover naturopathic doctors.

Some of the functional lab testing companies offer reduced fee and insurance billing options. To participate in one of these programs, you will send a copayment to the lab along with your insurance information. Copayments vary from $100 - $750, depending on the specific test(s) being ordered. There is no guarantee that your insurance provider will reimbursement for these claims, however you will not be billed by the lab for any charges that are not covered. We will be happy to discuss these options in more detail with you during your initial consultation.