Operation: Strategic Food Consumption

Mission Purpose: To optimize the body for focused and sustained physical activity, improved systems function, and accelerated recovery time.

Primary Objective

Secure 3 key nutritional resources: zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E.


In order to achieve and maintain optimal health and function, it is necessary to provide the body with adequate intake of over twenty (20) essential vitamins and minerals. Your challenge is to meet all of the varying needs and demands in the most efficient possible way, while minimizing food costs and nutrient redundancy.

Zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E are key nutrients involved in cellular respiration, steroid hormone metabolism, and inflammatory processes. They are also the three most commonly deficient nutrients in the American diet. To meet this challenge, we have identified three key target groups which, if relentlessly pursued and captured, will result in the satisfaction of our overall mission.

Alpha Target - Dark Leafy Greens (DLG) Faction

Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List

● Mustard greens
● Swiss chard
● Collard greens
● Kelp
● Kale
● Spinach

Target Intelligence

● DLG have been observed to supply heavy loads of vitamin E and magnesium, and are also known to deal a fair amount of zinc.
● DLG are known to be an inexpensive and highly renewable source of high-quality nutrition.
● Conventionally grown DLG may be heavily contaminated with pesticides and other endocrine disruptors. Wash thoroughly before consumption.
● DLG can become disruptive during transport through the digestive tract. To increase manageability, lightly steam DLG before consumption, and provide an escort of one (1) tablespoon olive oil and one (1) tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice for each cup consumed.

Beta Target - The Seed Coalition

Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List

● Pumpkin seeds
● Sunflower seeds
● Sesame seeds
● Flax seeds
● Mustard seeds

Target Intelligence

● Seeds are a loose coalition of foods known for creating confusion and advanced diversionary tactics. Seeds are not to be confused with nuts, though they are frequently found to be in close association in the field.
● Seeds have been known to hide in plain sight cleverly disguised as a "girly" snack. Do not be misled. Seeds are a force to be reckoned with, and should not be underestimated.
● Seeds may go undercover and are known by aliases such as pepitas, tahini, or even the condiment commonly known as mustard.

Gamma Target - Malik Blueberry

Target Intelligence

● Malik Blueberry is known as the King of Fruits, and is widely respected for its consistent delivery of essential nutrients. In recent years, many other fruits such as acai, goji, noni, and mangosteen have asserted claims to the throne, but the blueberry still reigns supreme.
● In addition to dealing a fair amount of the three key resources, blueberries are a primary trafficker of antioxidants known to promote longevity and rapid recovery times.
● Malik Blueberry should be kept in close range at all times. Do not indulge in more than a brief distraction from this important fruit. If possible, it is suggested to procure a backup supply to keep in the freezer during the winter months, when Malik Blueberry is known to go into hiding.

Delta Target - Zinc Special Forces

Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List

● Sea vegetables
● Oysters
● Calf's Liver

Target Intelligence

● Substantial zinc reserves have been reported to in possession by calf's liver and oysters.
● Calf's liver and oysters should be considered armed and dangerous. If encountered, proceed with caution and maintain high vigilance for contamination from corrupted sources.
● Calf's liver and oysters are not highly renewable resources. Eat judiciously.

Epsilon Target: The Squash Family

Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List

● Spaghetti squash
● Butternut squash
● Summer squash
● Winter squash

Target Intelligence

● The squash family operates as a nutrition cartel and is best known for trafficking key nutritional resources in an unassuming matrix of complex carbohydrates.
● Squashes are highly adaptable and experts in disguise. They are known to take on the characteristics of any culture and to blend in easily with their surroundings.

Mission Summary

Be advised that Strategic Food Consumption is an overt operation. You are further advised to recruit any and all general and direct support necessary to meet the mission objective and secure the three key resources.

Discussion and cooperation is encouraged, however whining, complaining and all other forms of malingering will not be tolerated. You have your orders now shut up and color!