How To Get All Your Nutrition From Food


So you've decided that you don't really want to take a daily multivitamin and would prefer to get all your nutrition from food. While a commendable gesture, you may have already found that this is is much easier said than done. In order to get all your nutrition from food, it will be necessary to not only eat a diet of entirely whole foods, but also a very specific combination of them in order to make it work.

In order to help you along, I've put together a collection of articles outlining step by step instructions for how to figure out all the necessary items. Since I have used myself as an example, you will have to adjust some of the parameters to fit your particular situation. But this will give you a good model to work with.

Please keep in mind that this meal plan is not a recommendation for what you should eat but rather an example of how to construct a nutritionally-complete meal plan based on parameters determined by the Institute of Medicine and adjusted for my own biometrics. If you require diet and nutrition advice, please seek out professional assistance.

But what if I just want to skip to the end?

No worries. I've made it possible for you to just skip to the end of this process. Now I promise if you stick with me you are going to learn a whole lot about nutrition which is not only going to help you healthwise, but is also going to better empower to you better evaluate various diets, like the Paleo Diet. It will also explain why you should be more than a bit skeptical toward anybody offering the claim that getting all your nutrition from food is as simple as "eating more fruits and veggies."

There is one caveat. If you are going to be lazy and skip to the end of this article series, you may do so by clicking on the link. But if you do that, I am going to ask for something in return: Your email address. Seeing as how we may have just met for the first time here on the Internet, I am not going to force you to give up your email address in order to learn this important information. However I will make you work for it a bit instead.

One more thing. By the time you get to the end of this article series on a nutritionally complete meal plan you will also learn how to meet your daily nutritional requirements on less than one hour of work at minimum wage. Don't believe me? Well you will just have to see for yourself then, won't you?

Now first things first.

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