How To Get All Of Your Nutrition From Food

Constructing A Meal Plan


Our nutritionally-complete meal plan is nearing completion, but still has a few glaring gaps. If we are to fulfill our quest to avoid taking a multivitamin we are going to have to figure this out very soon. Let's review our plan so far:

Nutritionally Complete Meal Plan
Nuts and Seeds: 1 cup
Beans: 1 cup, dried
Whole Grains: 1 cup, dried
Greens: 2 cups, raw

Now if you are like me, you may have learned way back in health class that mushrooms have no nutritional value. Turns out that is bad information. Not only do mushrooms have great nutrition, but they also are particularly high in a class of molecules called beta glucans that are great for the immune system! We will add 1 cup of whole crimini mushrooms to the dinner portion of our meal plan.

Since mushrooms do not have many calories, we will skip the macronutrient segment of our analysis for the moment, and go straight to the macrominerals.

Shrooms MacroM

In the macromineral world, we are now closing in on the sodium. Calcium remains an issue.

Shrooms MicroM

Popping over to micromineral land, we can see that pesky selenium issue has been nearly resolved.

I'm going to also skip the fat-soluble chart because hardly anything has changed. Except that we finally got a little bit of vitamin D on the chart. This is become mushrooms produce their own vitamin D. However, it is as yet unclear how much of it is biologically active in humans. Another interesting tidbit is that vitamin D levels of mushrooms can me dramatically increased by exposing them to ultraviolet light. I am currently unclear as to why this isn't yet being done on a mass scale.

But onward to the water-soluble vitamins.

Shrooms Water

Not too shabby. B2 and B5 are totally good. The B6 issue has been almost resolved. B3 is still a bit of an issue. B12 remains a serious problem- although we do finally see just a little bit coming from the mushrooms.

WHEW! It's been quite the journey so far! Are you still with me? If so, let's take a little break here to grab a cup of hot herbal tea and recap before we make some final adjustments.