How To Get All Of Your Nutrition From Food

Constructing A Meal Plan


We are on our way to ditching our multivitamin and replacing it with a nutritionally-complete meal plan. So far, we've only got one item in our plan:

Nutritionally Complete Meal Plan
Nuts and Seeds: 1 cup

In order to front-load our meal plan with nutritionally-dense foods, the next item we will add is beans. Beans are not only about as nutrient-dense as nuts and seeds are, but their macronutrient profile (high in carbs, moderate protein, and low fat) make them an excellent balancing point to all those nuts and seeds.

Beans are also not highly perishable, and flexible as far as recipes go. They can be eaten by themselves, mashed or blended together, and incorporated into dishes quite easily.

We will opt for 1 cup of beans, split evenly between black beans and lentils. Keep in mind that we are going to be using one cup of beans in their dried forms for this example. To adjust the volume for cooked beans, roughly double the amount.

Alright. Let's check back in with our statistics. First to the macronutrients:

Beans Macro

So we are now at about 55 – 65% of the total calories for the day. We have officially passed over into "adequate" territory where protein is concerned, but don't quite have enough to meet our “ideal” targets. Still looking good on fats and carbs.

Let's go over to the macrominerals.

Beans MacroM

We have now met our daily goal for magnesium, and potassium has caught up to be on pace. Calcium and sodium are still lagging behind. On to the microminerals.

Beans MicroM

Here we are looking pretty good. We have met our goals for manganese, iron, and copper. Closing in on zinc, and selenium is on pace.

Up next: Fat-soluble vitamins.

Beans Fat

Not much movement here. Vitamin A has ticked up by one percent, and vitamin D has gone nowhere. Let's see what turns up with the water-soluble vitamins.

Beans Water

Alright, we are now good on both B1 and B9. B5 and B6 are on pace. B2 and B3 have fallen a bit behind while B12 and C are still in crisis territory.

Let's see. What else is nutritious? How about whole grains! Let's add those in next...

Last Reviewed: 16-02-07